Water Heater Repair & Replacement Services

water heater repair and replacement imageA water heater is one of those appliances that you probably don’t think about that often unless something goes wrong. When it does, however, it’s a huge hassle; you can’t take a hot shower or bath, you can’t wash your dishes effectively, and you can’t even wash your clothes. While there are times where you only need a water heater repair, there are, unfortunately, other instances where people need water heater replacement. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Charlotte, we’ll provide you an honest assessment as to whether you’ll be fine with a repair or if you’ll need a new unit. We can also provide you with maintenance services to prolong the life of your unit.

When You’re Better Off With Water Heater Repair

We won’t pretend that there are some unscrupulous contractors out there who try to take advantage of the fact that people aren’t water heater experts. You’ll never have to worry about that when you call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Charlotte, however, because we pride ourselves in conducting our business with only the highest levels of honesty and integrity. If you only need a repair, we’ll tell you. Here are some of the instances where a repair will likely be recommended:

  • Your unit is still covered under a warranty, and the issue is covered as well.
  • Your water heater is well under its average life expectancy.
  • The cost so perform the water heater repair is less than half what a new model would cost.
  • You like the water heater and it hasn’t given you any problems in the past.

When You’re Better Off With Water Heater Replacement

Again, there are times where a repair just doesn’t make sense and you’ll be better served with a water heater replacement. Here are some of those scenarios:

  • The cost to fix the problem would be more than half of the price of a new one.
  • It would be very hard to find replacement parts for your model.
  • The fix would only be temporary because the issue would return sooner than later.

Let the experts with One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Charlotte take care of your water heater service, water heater replacement or water heater repair in Charlotte. We’ve earned the trust of thousands of people since 1971 because they know we will treat them honestly and fairly. Call us at 704-323-8004 or contact us online to set an appointment.