I have been very quick to complain to a company when I am unhappy with a company.  Therefore, I think it only appropriate that I relay a very satisfactory recent experience, and commend one of your service technicians. I have been generally impressed with the technicians in the past but this experience was something more. We have had a issue with our heating system for several years - not that it did not operate, but that it just did not seem to function properly. During the regular annual servicing, Ryan Carroll, the service technician, listened to my "complaints" and took the time to determine that something was wrong.  He had someone else come out and together, they corrected the problem.  He was most helpful and I have to say that I cannot remember when the heating system has operated as quietly as it does now. Again, Ryan has done a great job.  And, I have to say, he is the reason that we re-signed to the Comfort Club. Just wanted to pass this along.

I just had an appointment completed by one of your service technicians named "Darryn" (spelling my be off). My invoice is#416031 and was under Mike Fowler Owner. I want to give him the highest marks on his customer service and professionalism and expertise. He was courteous, incredibly knowledgeable, and explained the steps he was taking to resolve our issue. I hate most human beings on this planet (seriously, people are stupid creatures), and far too often the individuals that have to deal with the "general public" can be jaded, and at 7:30 pm at night I would have expected him to be "heads down" and trying to get home, but never once did it feel that way, we might as well have been his first customer of the day. Impressive, give him money, buckets of money. I will continue to be a loyal customer be cause of the continued stellar customer service. Thanks!!!!

The tech showed up on time ---- there was NO CALL from the call center to check to see if anyone was home. Work was performed in a professional way. Andy – took time to make sure everything was completed before he left. Tech wore shoe coverings, careful of everything in the house. Tech looked professional – neatly dressed. Tech’s attitude was most impressive. Friendly, but business like. Andy took time to assure that I understood the work that done, and the cost of repairs. On my next appointment, I will ask for Andy. I will continue to use One Hour for all my needs, and will definitely refer you to any friends needing work done. Thanks Andy for being on time and doing such great work!!

I was very impressed on how Carl and your company cared about my particular situation. I will recommend you to everyone.

Very nice lady on the phone, loved the advanced call just before visit and your technician Jim did an outstanding job.

We are very pleased to have one hour air conditioning and heating do our new installation. Starting with sales , Ernie Rodriguez was Patience, helpful and very professional. The two young men, Chris and Josh, worked steadily and very hard. They knew what they were doing. They did a wonderful job. We highly recommend your company.

Rich treated me with the utmost respect.

Ben was very professional and explained in detail what would be done before starting the work.

Dennis is an outstanding technician and was very professional and helpful.

Rick fixed the problem then stayed until he was sure the unit was running correctly and to his expectations.

BJ was on time, efficient and pleasant to work with.

I am floored ( in a great way) with the service I received from Josh. It was a great experience.

I wanted to thank you for the excellent service that I have gotten from your company. Over the last few years, your company has installed a new air conditioner, a new furnace and new duct work for me. I've always been pleased with the work and have come to trust your technician Josh Allen. It is hard to convey how difficult it is to be a senior citizen living alone to be able to trust a company to recommend what needs to be done, and not take advantage of the customer's lack of knowledge about the Heating & Air Conditioning Business. Economic times are difficult for all of us, but faith in your company and in Josh as a technician is something I have not found in any other companies.

Many thanks to your ethical & hard working team there at one hour. I was blown away by the great service of your technician, Jim Inglis, as he came out on a Saturday and fixed my A/C on the spot when other companies said it couldn't be fixed so I'd buy a new system from them. Comfort Advisor, Ed Kijewski was honest enough to possibly pass up a sale in order to have my A/C fixed. These kinds of employees are hard to find, so please hang onto them and treat them well because you've got my business from now on. I will be happy to pass your name on to my friends & neighbors. Even the ladies on the phone, Jane and Diane, were very helpful.

On August 14, 2010 a team of your technicians installed a heat pump in my home. I'm writing to tell you how pleased I am with these people and their work. First, Ed Kijewski came to ascertain my needs. He was amiable, knowledgeable and very helpful. He called Rex Erwing to assist him in defining the problem and how best to serve my needs. Ed gave me options and explained them to my satisfaction and a date was made to do the work. On the 14th installers arrived early to my home and Ariel and Steve were assigned the task of removing the old heat pump and installing the new American Standard 1.5 ton 13 SEER unit. The unit was to replace the older unit in a very tight space in the attic of a sunroom. Ariel was up to the task and his athletic build and ability to work in cramped quarters allowed him to do what was required. I doubt if many others could have tackled this job. Rex was there much of the time to oversee and help with the work. Hassan came early to inspect the project and then returned later to do the necessary electrical hook up. Ed came by in the midst of the installation process to make sure that it was being done as he had directed and that I was satisfied. Someone from Dan King was in my home until mid-afternoon. When the last technician left, every scrap of evidence that they had been there had been removed. The room appeared untouched. I was given the names and contact information for Ed and Rex should there be a problem. An appointment for inspection was made at a convenient time. After living with the system for 48 hours I noticed that it made more noise than the one replaced. I also noted that the new digital thermometer made an annoying clicking sound then the unit cycled on and off. I called Ed who prompted Rex to return my call a short time later. Rex came to my home within an hour of our conversation and was able to reduce the airflow, which made the unit much quieter. The inspection was done in a timely fashion. I would ad that when the inspector learned that it was a Dan King installation, he was noticeably reassured. Overall, I congratulate you on accumulating a group of employees who are personable, knowledgeable, capable and thorough. I'm impressed.

There are not many times in today's market place that a company actually does what they promise. Dan King'One Hour Air of Charlotte did that today. Not only was the technican (Gary) knowledge and friendly but he new his stuff and within 2 minutes understood what our air condition problem was. Then within 20 minutes he had corrected the issue while giving some good advice on some other questions we had. Now here is where a business makes it reputation: When it came to settling the bill, due to Gary being a little late to the appointment, Dan King's One Hour stood by it's word and the visit was free. Talking about exceeding a customer's expectations. What does this mean to Dan King's One Hour, a customer for life and, as explained to Jennae when she called to see how our experience was, a recommendation for the neighborhood. (our neighborhood has a email list and when people need recommendation the seek the advice of the total community) Guess what, Dan King's One Hour will be on the list. Thanks for exceeding your customer's expectation. Today was a refreshing sign that a person's word still means something in this world.

My wife and I were very pleased with your service and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with your organization. When I made my first call on the weekend I anticipated talking to a part-time rookie and I ended up with a gentleman who was an OUTSTANDING professional and asked all the right questions. I was ready to sign up right at that time. The next day Dean Sibrans arrived and again we were impressed. He had a very pleasant manner about him and was again very professional. He made a very positive impression on us. We were also pleased we could get an installation of Friday as we had company from Texas arriving on Saturday. On Friday Ariel Diaz and Charles Ivey arrived and again were very professional. It was extremely hot in our attic and I felt so sorry for them. Mr. Ivey began cramping and had to cut back some, but Mr. Diaz filled the void and went above and beyond the call of duty getting our installation completed. He was OUTSTANDING. For 9 years I headed Shell Oil's Nationwide Customer Service organization in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I get very excited when I encounter an organization such as yours. I will be recommending you to my friends and neighbors.

My wife Wendy and I moved to Charlotte from New York City five years ago and upon the recommendation of several of our neighbors, became 'Comfort Club' members. Earlier this year we purchased a tankless water heater and Harmony filtration system from you and subsequently became members of the 'Ben Society'. From our initial encounter with your field technician (which was, at the time Eric Stocker) it was immediately apparent that you have some extraordinarily talented people working in the field. This remained true for all the individuals that we have since encountered - in particular Robert Hamm who performed our annual inspections for the past several years, before leaving your employ. We just had a new furnace and air conditioning unit installed (yes it's been an expensive year) which subsequently had an issue. The Freon pressure was causing a loud noise each time the input-output pipes restabilized themselves. Attempting to rectify this, we got reacquainted with Eric who walked in the door expecting to merely inspect the installation. Little did he know that he'd be back several times and spend many hours troubleshooting this problem. His expertise, vast practical experience and the ability to explain things with clarity make him an extraordinary asset to your organization. Having worked as a Lighting Designer (with an engineering background) and collaborating with contractors and supervising technicians on a daily basis, I tend to ask a LOT of questions and am not easily impressed. Upon meeting Jim Inglis, who inherited the project from where Eric left off - I was amazed to come across someone of this caliber 'working in the field'. In other professions he would hold a position equivalent to a Senior Design Engineer. Obviously Jim has years of practical 'hands on experience' to draw from. This is augmented by a wealth of technical knowledge and common sense in regards to problem solving. Additionally he has very effective communication skills which allow him to clearly explain technical issues on terms that are completely understandable to the client, whether that person is technically sophisticated or not. In combination, all of these attributes result in someone representing your organization that is well schooled in technical details as well as extremely proficient at what he does. Your customers have a feeling that Jim is doing everything possible to remedy the situation, while at all times making a priority of placing their best interests at the forefront. As per the requirements of his job he is a brilliant technician while also simultaneously acting as a most effective customer service representative for your company. I can not offer higher praise for anyone within the technical service industry. Thanks for your time.

Jeff has passion for others and I will never forget it. He is very knowledgeable and very kind to customers. He is an A+ for your company. Hats off for Jeff.

 Josh not only caught needed additions but also fixed items under warranty.

Very professional. Made sure we were taken care of. Took 3 days to get units running.

Best service I have had yet.

You need to hire more "Brian's". This young man was exceptional. He was very knowledgeable and made me feel that he knew what he was doing and gave me confidence it job would be done right!

Great technician, very friendly, will request.

We cannot begin to tell you how much you did for us. Wednesday morning we woke up to no heat. We called your office at about 8am and told you of our problem. By 9:30am there was a service man here. He inspected our 14 year old furnace and found that the control board was shorted and we would need a new one. The cost approx. $800. We thought it would be ridiculous to spend that kind of money on an old furnace, so we inquired about a new unit. Immediately the service man called his supervisor to come and talk to us. Shortly there after the supervisor arrived. He presented all of our options very professionally and explained everything thoroughly. We finally settled on the basic plan with an extended warrantee for 10 years on the label. They said that they could install the new unit the next day which was unbelievable. We set everything up and signed the forms. Then they surprised us by offering electric heaters to keep the house warm until the new unit was installed. The next day they were there bright and early and by 5pm on Thursday )the next day). The person whom we knew came out and hooked up the thermostat and explained its operation to us. The unit checked out OK and once again there was heat in our home. Two days ad we has a new furnace. What more can you ask for. Everyone of the service people were very professional and helpful, I would recommend One Hour to anyone!

Very nice lady on the phone, loved the advanced call just before visit and your technician Jim did an outstanding job3.

Very nice lady on the phone, loved the advanced call just before visit and your technician Jim did an outstanding job2

Very nice lady on the phone, loved the advanced call just before visit and your technician Jim did an outstanding job.